Alternative Pain Relief: Use a TENS Unit for Endometriosis Pain

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Hi endo girls! Today I am going to share an alternative way to decrease endo pain: a TENS unit.

You’re probably thinking “What is a TENS unit?”. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. You can look at the picture above to see what a TENS unit looks like. There are also other TENS units which have wires with pads (*affiliate link) that stick to the skin and are connected to a remote which is used to control the impulses sent through the wires. I personally prefer the above pictured TENS unit because the entire unit sticks to the skin and doesn’t involve wires. It is easier to hide under clothing and you don’t have to worry about wires tangling.

According to, a TENS unit works by sending stimulating pulses across the skin and nerve branches. These help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain and stimulate your body to produce endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

I personally have used a TENS unit for almost my entire endo journey after a physical therapist recommended it to me early on. I find it to be helpful for decreasing bladder sensitivity and the urge to pee every five seconds.

Using a TENS unit does not hurt at all. It actually feels like a nice massage and it doesn’t penetrate too far so it isn’t like getting a deep massage, which can hurt the pelvis in girls with endo.

If you are interested in buying a TENS unit to use on your own, here is one: (*affiliate link)

You can put a TENS unit anywhere on your body except your head. I personally use mine on my pelvis because that’s where I get the most relief from it.

Have you tried a TENS unit for endo pain relief? Let me know in the comments!

From one Endo Girl to another,



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