5 Endometriosis Myths You Need to Know

Hi endo girls! Hope you’re having an excellent March! In honor of it being Endo awareness month, I wanted to share some Endo myths that perpetrate amongst doctors, patients, and Endo sisters all around the world. Even though the month is almost over, it is important to keep these in mind and to share them all year long!

So, it’s important to know that:

There is NO cure for Endometriosis. Pregnancy is not a cure for Endo, medication and hormonal treatment is not a cure for Endo, surgery is not a cure for Endo, hysterectomy is not a cure for Endo, there is absolutely NO cure.

That being said, there are treatment options available which can help alleviate symptoms for some women and girls, such as birth control pills, a GNRH agonist (such as Lupron), excision surgery, and/or naturopathic methods like a vegan anti-inflammatory diet and supplements.

However, it is important to know that nothing will cure Endo. While this is a difficult fact to face, it is not reason to lose hope. As I said, there are treatment options available. Plus, having the knowledge that there is no cure for Endo will help you in the long run.

While infertility is a common issue amongst women with Endometriosis, an Endo diagnosis does not necessarily guarantee infertility.

This is a VERY important myth to know because my first gynecologist actually told me at 14 that I would definitely be infertile due to Endo. Now, thanks to my new gyn and my own research, I know that an Endo diagnosis does not necessarily mean infertility.

Many people believe that Stage III and IV Endo are the most painful. While they cause more damage than Stage I and II Endo, there is no way of judging a woman’s pain based on her stage of Endo.

Endometriosis presents differently in every woman. Therefore, a Stage I Endo warrior does not necessarily have less pain than a Stage III or IV warrior, and vice versa.

This, perhaps, is probably one of the most important Endo myths. Most gynecologists perform ablation surgery for Endometriosis. However, it is so, so, so imperative that you know that EXCISION surgery is the only laparoscopic technique that fully removes Endometriosis.

Ablation surgery burns Endo off at its surface. However, it leaves behind lots of Endo below the surface, where it can’t be seen as easily but will still cause pain.

Excision surgery, on the other hand, removes that Endo below the surface as well, making it more likely that it is fully removed. This provides the most opportunity for pain relief, fertility restoration/preservation, and lower rate of recurrence.

Visit Endo Support to find an excision specialist near you!

Historically, Endo was only diagnosed in women roughly above the age of 20. However, it is now diagnosed in girls as soon as they get their first period.

It is important to take Endo symptoms seriously in young girls and teenagers since early diagnosis and treatment gives the greatest chance of fertility later on.

Which Endo Myths did you know already? Have any affected you personally? Comment below!


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