The 7 Things You Need to Pack for An Endometriosis Laparoscopy–List Included

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Packing for a laparoscopy for endometriosis can be daunting, especially if it is your first one. So, I made a list of the items you need to pack for maximum comfort throughout the entire process!

First of all, be sure to bring pads (NOT tampons, you will not be able to wear them following surgery) to wear on your way home. Usually the hospital provides them, but it is smart to have a few extra just in case, especially if you are driving a long distance home. You probably will not be bleeding, but following surgery it is always smart to have a little extra protection just in case.

Second, bring a blanket to leave in the car for the ride home. The hospital has plenty and you can easily get additional blankets if you are cold before/after surgery from a nurse. However, it is smart to have one in the car so that you know you will be comfy and warm. Anaesthesia always leaves me feeling chilly following surgery, so keep that in mind. (Side note, it is also a good idea to leave your blanket in the car so that it does not get germy in the hospital. As I said, they have plenty there and you can easily get more if needed.)

Third, bring a pillow. I would say to leave this in the car as well, because it is easy to get additional pillows in the hospital if you want. And this way, your pillow will stay cleaner. A travel or normal pillow is fine, whichever you prefer. Just be sure that you have at least one normal pillow because some added support for sitting is necessary for the car ride home.

That being said, it is also extremely smart to buy a seatbelt cover. I wish I had one when I had my two laparoscopies, because I remember having to hold a pillow up against my abdomen between the seatbelt because the pressure of the seatbelt was way too painful to bear.

Fourth, it is a good idea to pack some plastic bags for the car ride home in case you are sick from the anaesthesia. Plus, they come in handy for garbage and corralling loose items you may have, like extra clothes or heat wraps.

Fifth, I would advise to pack some sort of fluid to keep you hydrated, again especially if you have a long car ride home. If you know the anaesthesia will make you nauseas, you may want to consider ginger ale to keep your stomach somewhat settled. Otherwise, water or gatorade are good options for keeping hydrated and maintaining electrolytes.

Sixth, bring a heating pad!! You will thank me later for this one! The heat will be SO soothing on your pelvis! This one can be plugged into a cigarette lighter with an adapter:

Seventh, pack something light to eat, like saltines or simple granola bars. You most likely will not be too hungry, but in case you are, it is smart to start slow and eat bland foods at first.

What are your packing recommendations for a laparoscopy? Comment below! And, be sure to download and print your own checklist like the one below using this link. It will keep you organized and guard you from forgetting anything! 

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