5 Things to Do Over the Weekend for a Happy Endo Body During the Week

The week is finally over and you are looking forward to the physical and mental break that comes with the weekends–not.

Weekends can be crazy busy with plans. However, they don’t have to be. Instead, try focusing on these 6 activities for a happy body and less endo symptoms during the week ahead.



1. Focus on Eating Healthy Foods

Even though the weekend may be serve as an opportunity for cheating on your diet, swaying from eating anti-inflammatory and nutritious foods can be very detrimental for how you feel physically throughout the week ahead. So, when faced with a piece of cake at a graduation party, opt out. Instead, eat something vegan or anti-inflammatory. For example, gluten and dairy are major inflammatory foods and can increase pain dramatically. So, avoid them whenever possible and find alternatives. Your body will thank you!


2. Prep Healthy Foods for the Week Ahead

That being said, it also a good idea to prepare healthy anti-inflammatory foods for the week ahead to ensure you can easily continue to eat healthy throughout the week. That way, there’s no excuse not to focus on eating in an endo-friendly way, ensuring your body has every thing it needs to feel good.


3. Spend Time Relaxing 

The weekend was meant for relaxing, yet for some reason it seems it always ushers in every thing but time to relax. Rather than say “yes” to every plan proposed from friends and family, it is okay to say “no” and spend time doing something for yourself. Whether you meditate or simply spend an afternoon reading, your body will thank you for the break in the long run.


4. Do Something You Genuinely Want To

Another great reason to say “no” to something is to have the opportunity to do something you really want to. Maybe you have not gotten together with a friend in weeks, or have been dying to go to a new store that opened up near you. Take the time to do it! You will be able to return to work or school Monday feeling as if you’ve really had a break and actually got to enjoy yourself for once.


5. Get Some Extra Rest

Finally, we all know how exhausting the week is. The last thing you want is to have to begin the next week exhausted because you never got to catch up on missed sleep from the week before. Over the weekend, sleep in and take a nap if you need to! You will have more stamina for the week ahead and will not get burnt out as quickly.

What are some of your go-to things to do over the weekend for a great week ahead? Tell me in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

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