5 Ways to Create Comfortable and Fashionable Summer Outfits for Endo Warriors

Heaps of clothes lay on the floor in front of the closet in your bedroom, waiting to be picked up once you return from school.

Every morning it is for the same reason–you can’t find something to wear that is comfortable yet also looks presentable because you are in pain and do not want to increase it due to clothing choices.

Endo can make getting dressed a real struggle since waistbands are often too painful to wear and you also want a way to cover up the infamous bloating of an endo belly.

That’s why I’ve developed these 5 ways to create a summer outfit that is both comfortable and fashionable for you to wear! Have no fear–your endo belly will be covered AND your pain will not be increased by any pressure from clothes!

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1. Wear a loose dress and comfortable sandals

A loose t-shirt style dress is a no-brainer when it comes to finding a casual dress that is comfortable and stylish. I own about 10 of them! T-shirt dresses have no waistline, which means they do not define any bloating, which makes an endo belly essentially hidden. Plus, you do not have to worry about increased pain from the pressure of a waistband.

The navy blue one pictured here can be seen here.

But, we all know how uncomfortable it can be to wear fancy shoes to go with a dress. A pair of wedges or heels can easily ruin the comfort factor of a look, which is the opposite of what you want. So, I must include comfortable sandals as a recommendation to wear with a dress. I recently purchased a pair of Crocs sandals and they are SO comfortable! They are honestly like wearing sneakers, they are so supportive and comfortable! I highly recommend getting a pair because they will save your feet AND you will still look fashionable!

The ones pictured here can be seen here.

2. Pregnancy Shorts and a T-Shirt

While I have never personally tried pregnancy shorts as a comfortable alternative to regular shorts, I know many endo warriors who swear by the comfort of pregnancy shorts since they expand with your belly and do not apply too much pressure on your pelvis. They are worth checking out.

The pair of pregnancy shorts pictured here can be seen here.

A flowy t-shirt is a good option to wear with them since it will not define your stomach too heavily and should hide the lack of a waistline on the shorts.

The shirt pictured here can be seen here.

3. Athletic Shorts and a Tank Top

Although athletic shorts do have a waistband, it is usually loose and stretchy enough that it will not increase your pain. Athletic shorts were the only thing I wore following my last surgery because they truly are ultra comfortable. It is worthwhile to find ones that rise up a bit on the waist too as that guarantees even less pressure on your pelvis.

You can see the pair pictured here here.

I must also mention a tank top because I have found tank tops (loose ones, especially on the bottom) to be very slimming AND comfortable to wear! I happened to have one that I bought in too large a size by accident before endo became an issue and let me tell you, it has come in handy since! It is super comfy and the fact that it simply hangs down at the bottom means that endo belly is not defined by it at all!

You can see the tank top pictured above here.

4. Loose Skirt and Detailed Top

If you are looking for a dressier look, a loose skirt is perfect–especially one that sits high up on your waist. A higher waistband means no pressure on your pelvis and a lack of waist definition, which again, will hide any bloating present. A patterned skirt will be even better at hiding bloating.

You can see the skirt pictured above here.

As a bonus, a top with some detail at the top will distract even further from any bloating. The one pictured above is perfect because it draws the eye upward, distracting from any bloating lower down your stomach. It is perfect to pair with a skirt.

You can see it here.

5. Cocktail Style Dress

And, if you are looking for a dress to looked dressed up, a cocktail style dress is the best option. Just as the skirt discussed above, a cocktail dress will have a high waistline that will not place any pressure on your pelvis and is sure to hide any bloating. Wearing a necklace along with it will also draw the eye upward and complete the look as a whole. Plus, do not forget to wear comfy sandals!

You can see the dress pictured above here.

Well, that’s it. What did you think? What are your go-to summer outfits for max comfort and style? Comment below!

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