5 Must-Have Comfy Winter Wardrobe Staples for Endo Warriors

The winter is one of my favorite times of year when it comes to fashion because it is the easiest time of year for me to dress comfortably and still look on-trend. Here are five staples that I include in my winter wardrobe to maximize comfort and coziness!

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Maternity Jeans

Something I recently started doing is buying jeans in maternity style, which I wish I had done sooo much earlier. Maternity jeans offer a waistband that literally grows with you so they are perfect for flare ups and endo belly (the swelling that occurs as a result of inflammation in the lower abdomen). I find that I can finally wear jeans in comfort without dealing with a waistband cutting into my swollen stomach!

A Puffy, Weather-Proof Coat

I know this probably seems like a no-brainer, but a big jacket that will withstand the elements is a true winter must. This is not something I discovered until I got endo and began to feel cold all the time. For the entirety of my life before endo, I was never cold unless I had a fever. Now, I am cold constantly. That being said, this year I got a new winter jacket with a hood that can withstand snow and rain. It has been great at keeping me warm, which keeps me more comfortable because I am not dealing with being cold on top of being in pain.


I know these also are a no-brainer for many, but gloves are also something that I did not realize were so essential to keeping warm in the winter. Something that I experience with endo is my finger tips and nails turning blue and purple when I get too cold. This, again, is something that never happened to me before endo. One way I have found to cut down on it happening, though, is by making sure I always wear gloves when I go outside. Keeping my hands, and especially fingertips, warm, keeps me more comfortable overall by locking in as much body heat as possible.

Fuzzy Socks

Now that I am cold all the time, I have also realized the value of nice, fuzzy socks. I love to buy fun, patterned socks that I can look forward to putting on every morning and night. I find if I can keep my feet warm with socks, the rest of my body will stay warm too.


Ponchos are one of my favorite things to wear in the winter because they are loose-fitted AND keep you warm, both of which are perfect for endo! Plus, I always feel a bit more dressed-up when I wear a poncho, yet it is SO comfy that I don’t even feel like I am trying to dress up! Some even come with turtle-necks, which keep you even warmer!

Let me know what your favorite endo winter wardrobe staple is in the comments!


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