Health Trends of 2019 that are Actually Helpful for Chronic Illness

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Every January, there is a sudden boom in the fitness industry as every one scrambles to get in shape for the New Year. That is, everyone who does not have to battle a chronic illness everyday. However, who would have thought that some of the health trends of the new year could be applicable to those of us dealing with chronic illness? Here I’ve rounded up some of the latest health trends that can actually help improve life with chronic illness.

Meal prepping, the practice of making meals and snacks ahead of time for the week, has been a trend since 2018. While it might seem arduous to cook an entire week’s worth of food at once, it can be really great for busy weeks when you know you’ll be short on time. Meal prepping is especially helpful for those of us who follow specific diets, such as anti-inflammatory diets, so that we always have food ready and available. That way, you won’t end up eating something off your diet and end up paying for it later. Investing in some microwave-safe containers to meal prep with is definitely worth it!

Another trend that has carried through 2018 into 2019 is fitness trackers. Actually, they’ve carried through a number of New Years so far. What many people with chronic illness don’t realize, however, is that fitness trackers can be used for beneficial simple tasks like tracking your steps and hydration through the day. Since movement and hydration are so essential for keeping your body healthy, monitoring the two throughout the day can be extremely helpful for keeping you healthy despite chronic illness.

Juices and smoothies have been very popular lately. In fact, I’ve even began starting my day with a vegetable juice every morning! It is important to talk to your doctor before you add juices or smoothies to your diet. However, they are a great aspect to consider since they easily add more fruits and veggies into your daily diet, pushing you closer to the daily goal of 5-6 servings of fiber. Plus, many anti-inflammatory diets emphasize fruit and vegetable intake.

Workout clothing lines like Fabletics have made huge waves in the fashion world when it comes to gym wear. How? Cute workout clothes make you more motivated to be active! It can be difficult to do intense workouts with chronic illness. But, it’s not impossible to find a routine that works for you, especially when you have cute workout clothes to motivate you like patterned leggings and tank tops!

Although not much of a trend, massage and foam rolling can be beneficial to relax stiff muscles and possibly even relieve pain from chronic illness. A foam roller is a cheap addition to make to your self-care kit that can go a long way in helping you feel better. Ask a physical therapist which ways to use it that will benefit you most!

Please be aware that I am not a healthcare professional. All opinions stated are my own. Consult with your doctor before making changes to your care plan.


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