Hi fellow Endo Girls!! As a blogger, I love creating blog posts for you that will hopefully give you the inspiration and resources you need to live a great life with endo!

That being said, I do include affiliate links on my blog from which you can purchase products through Amazon. I make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you choose to buy products using them. Per FTC policy, I am completely transparent about when my posts include affiliate links.

The products I include on my blog are an extension of what I would or already do use in my daily life. All recommendations come from my heart and what I truly think would benefit my readers the most. I will never recommend a product that is not conducive to living well with endo or managing it in a safe way.

Additionally, it is important to note that I have no professional medical experience or background. I write according to what I have learned personally as an endometriosis patient along my extensive endo journey. Any advice I share comes solely from my experience. If you want to include any advice I give in your life, consult your doctor or other medical professional first.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

From one Endo Girl to another,